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          Why Choose Us

          • 01
            Our Commitment. Our commitment to service excellence is embodied in the very foundation of our company. It is reflected in each and every decision we make and action we take. It is first and foremost who we are.
          • 02
            Our Expertise. We are THE experts in bringing our customers top talent. We have an unmatched focus on training our account executives and technology sourcing experts to be the best in the business.
          • 03
            Our Work Ethic. No one works harder at recruiting and retaining talent that can meet our customers business needs then we do.

          Our Business

          Leading provider of staffing and consulting services

          Our business model is simple. We consider ourselves to be in the business of exceeding our customers expectations in every area. While focusing on that mission, we dedicate ourselves to helping our customers achieve their goals and initiatives by bringing to them the market's top talent.

          We understand every customer is unique and needs people who not only match required skillsets but are cultural fits with their organization. The combination of our staffing methodolgy, local market expertise and relationships, and our focus on service excellence positions us to be a partner you can always count on.


          Staff Augmentation

          StaffingHQ's staffing solution is dedicated to helping you find the candidates you ask for - not just close to it.

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          Project / Consulting

          StaffingHQ has the project management expertise to ensure your project, no matter how big or small, will be implemented successfully.

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          MSP / VMS

          Strategic MSP Partner with staffing processes and procedures built uniquely to support MSP programs and VMS systems.

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